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History of the Department

The department has started at the inception of the college. There was only one pre-degree class with 80 students.  The entire activities of the department were looked after by Mr. Thomas Mathew M., who, later became  the Principal of our college.  In the second year onwards (1982), Mr. Sudhakaran A., joined the department.  There was only pre-degree course in the department until 1992 in which year the course was sanctioned to the college. The student strength was 40 in the B.Com. class and the same is increased to 50 later on.

Mr. Philip Varghese Porattur joined the department in  1992 followed by Mrs. Raechel George in August of the same year. In   1993, Mr. Thomas K. Varghese joined the department and in the month of October of the same year Mr.Philip Varghese Porattur was relieved to join in the St. Thomas College, Kozhenchery.  In  1994, Mrs. Raechel George resigned to join in the PWD as the Divisional Accountant.  In   1993, Mr. Biju T. George joined the department and he was relieved in   1996 to join D.A.M. College, Thuruthikkad. In    1994, Mr. Varghese Ani Kurian joined the department and was relieved in   1995 to join Bishopmore College, Mavelikkara.  Mr. Gopalakrishnan M.B. joined the department on   1994 and Mr. Rajeev Thomas in 1995.  Mrs. Susan Philip joined in   1997 and relieved in  2000 to join Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Chungathara .Mrs.Binija George,Mr.Sanoj.K.T and Mrs.Rincy James joined the department in 2014.Mrs.Binisha.M.A joined in 2015.

The Pre-degree course was detached from the department in the year 2000 as a policy of the then State Government.

At the beginning of the B.Com. course in 1992, Cost Accounting was the elective subject and in  1995  the elective subject was changed to Co-operation.  Later on from the academic year 2001-02 onwards the elective subject was again changed to Information Technology.From 2010 onwards elective subject was changed to Co-operation.

The course started in the year 2001 with Marketing as the specialization.  There were 12 students admitted in the beginning year and in 2004 the student strength increased to 16.

The Department was elevated as a Research Department by the University of Calicut in 2017.Two Associate Professors in the Department viz,Dr.Gopalakrishnan.M.B. and Dr.Rajeev Thomas  were approved as Research Supervisors by University of Calicut. At present there is 10 Research scholars in the Research Department – 2 Full- time (JRF) and 8 part -time (College teachers).