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Intake               : 16
Duration         : 2 years
Course             : M.Com (MARKETING)
Examination : Semester System
Academic Syllabus  :      2019 Intake                Previous Year

Course Outcome

Sl Programme Code Subject Course Outcome
1 MC1C1 Business Environment To give an idea about the policies of the governmentand assess their impact on business.
2 MC1C2 Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions To make the students learn the process of applying appropriate quantitative techniques for taking business decisions.
3 MC1C3 Accounting for Managerial Decisions To enable the students to know the application of the Accounting Tools, techniques and concepts in Managerial decision making.
4 MC1C4 IT Application in Commerce To impart a strong base ontheoretical and practicalInformation Technology applications and integrate it with business decision making.
5 MC1C5 Organizational Theory & Behaviour To create an overall idea about the different concepts in Organizational Theory and its applications.
6 MC2C6 International Business To acquaint the students with various concepts of Foreign Trade and International Business.
7 MC2C7 Advanced Corporate Accounting To enable the students to acquire the theoretical and Practical Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards.
8 MC2C8 Business Communication To equip the students to manage the business communication effectively.
9 MC2C9 Management Science To enable the students to apply management science techniques for using it in Business decision situations.
10 MC2C10 Strategic Management & Corporate Governance To familiarize the students with the recent trends the corporate governance and strategic planning.
11 MC3C11 Financial Markets & Institutions To impart the students an understanding of the interlinkagesand regulatory framework with which the system operates.
12 MC3C12 Income Tax Law & Practice To enable the students to understand the computation of taxable income of various entities and procedure of assessment.
13 MC3C13 Research Methodology To enable the students to identify the research problem, collecting and analyzing data and presenting the results.
14 MC4C14 Financial Derivatives & Risk Management To make the students efficient in the area of derivatives by giving them the knowledge of basics in different financial instruments,
15 MC4C15 Cost Management To enable the students to apply cost management techniques for managing a competitive enterprise.
16 MC3EO1 Advertising & Sales Management To enable the students to have an in depth understanding of latest techniques of advertising, and other promotional activities.
17 MC3EO2 Consumer Behaviour To help the students to develop basic understanding the concepts in Consumer Behavior and their applications Marketing Decision Making.
18 MC4EO3 Supply Chain & Logistics Management To equip the students with basic knowledge of Logistics and supply Chain management and relate these areas with Organization and business needs.
19 MC4EO4 Service Marketing To develop an understanding of services and service marketing with emphasis on various aspects of service marketing.

Programme Specific Outcome

To master the application of Accounting procedures and Financial Reporting system in the Global perspective.
To have mastering over the art and science of Sales Management, Consumer behavior, Service Marketing, supply chain and Logistic Management etc.
To have command in the Techniques of Management science, strategic Management and Quantitative Techniques in present business situations.
To enable the students to pursue research in the field of Commerce.

Programme Outcomes :

Effective Business management
High level of business reasoning
Mastering in Business Communication
Highest level of business ethics.
Environment and sustainability consciousness
Research Initiatives
Being responsible and good citizens.