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Intake               : 60
Duration         : 3 years
Course             : B.Com (CO-OPERATION)
Examination : Semester System
Academic Syllabus  :      2019 Intake                2017 Intake
Course Outcome
Sl Programme Code Subject Course Outcome
1 BCM1B01 Business Management To understand the process of Business Management and acquire knowledge to perform as a manager in the Globalized management scenario.
2 BCM2B02 Financial Accounting To equip the students with the skill of Preparing Financial statements of different Organizations and to acquire knowledge about International Financial Reporting standards.
3 BC3BO3 Business Regulations To familiarize the students with important statutes and legislations related to business organizations.
4 BC3BO4 Corporate Accounting To acquire conceptual knowledge of the fundamentals of Corporate Accounting and the techniques of preparing financial statements.
5 BC4BO5 Cost Accounting To familiarize the students with cost concepts and to create awareness among them about the important cost techniques.
6 BC4BO6 Corporate Regulations To familiarize the students about the various corporate laws related to business.
7 BC5BO7 Accounting for Management To provide the students an understanding about the use of accounting and costing data for planning, controlling and decision making.
8 BC5BO8 Business Research Methods To acquire basic knowledge in business research methods and to develop skills to conduct surveys and case studies.
9 BC5BO9 Income Tax Law and Accounts To impart basic knowledge and equip with applications of the provisions in Income Tax Act.
10 BC6B12 Income Tax and GST To equip the students with the applications of Principles and Provisions in Income Tax and GST Act.
11 BC6B13 Auditing and Corporate Governance To familiarize the students with understanding of issues and portfolios of Corporate Governance and to provide knowledge about Auditing Principles.
12 BC5B10 Co-Operative Theory and Practice Give conceptual clarity in Co-Operative Principles and different types of Co-Operatives.
13 BC5B11 Legal Environment for Co-Operatives To provide basic knowledge about Co-Operative Legal Framework in India and Kerala and to familiarize the formalities for registering Co-Operatives
14 BC6B14 International Co-Operative Movement. To enable the students to acquire knowledge about evolution and development of the Co-operative movement in the world.
15 BC6B15 Co-Operative Management and Administration To provide basic knowledge about Management, Administration, Accounting and Auditing of Co-Operatives.
16 BCM1C01 Managerial Economics To make the students understand the application of Economic Principles in Business Management.
17 BCM2C02 Marketing Management To familiarize the modern Marketing trends and equip the students to pursue career in the field of Marketing.
18 BC3CO3 Human Resource Management To familiarize the students with different aspects of managing Human resources in an organization.
19 BC4CO4 Quantitative Techniques for Business To familiarize the students with the use of different quantitative techniques in managerial decision making.
20 BC5DO3 Basic Accounting To enable the students to acquire  knowledge of Accounting Principles and practice.
21 BC3A12 General Informatics To equip the students to effectively utilise digital knowledge resources for their future career.
22 BC4A13 Entrepreneurial Development To identify and develop the entrepreneurial talents of the students.
23 BC4A14 Banking and Insurance To familiarize the students with modern trends in Banking and Insurance.
Programme specific outcomes
To understand the nature and basic concepts of accounting procedures and financial reporting system in the global context.
To familiarize with the different legal framework with regard to banking, insurance and other service sectors.
To study about the growth and importance of the Co operative movement in the economic development.
To empower the students to become entrepreneurs and undertake business activities.
To equip the students to manage different aspects of a business.
Programme Outcomes :
Develop business reasoning
Effective business communication
Business ethics
Environmental sustainability consciousness.
Effective business management.
Life long learning